Exive is an information service company with research, consulting and system integration as its main business. In Exive, which started with system development, we have been involved with all client companies and accumulated a lot of know-how. Now that information has become an information society, it is very important to select necessary information from huge amount of information and use it for business. In order to make the trust with our client companies even deeper, we will proactively advance into other fields and move on to the next stage of growth. Continue to be a company required by society. And we will continue our efforts to be a company that can return even a little to society. Please expect from Exive in the future.


Trade name

Exive corporation


7F, 2-50-9, Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo JP


April, 2003



Board Members

  • Daren Ferguson
  • Frederick Schwartz
  • Kazuaki Sano


  • Consultings
  • Investments
  • Marketing and Research
  • System development
  • Server hosting